Nina Bernagozzi


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Graduation diploma,  Emulsion,  2013

The Emulsion is an heterogeneous mixture of two immiscible liquid substances. These are always two liquids which do not mix spontaneously, but which,
thanks to specific operations, adopt a macroscopically homogeneous, but microscopically heterogeneous aspect.
One of the substances will therefore be dispersed in the second substance in the form of droplets. The mixture remains stable thanks to a third ingredient called an emulsifier.

The exhibition is spread over three spaces.
The entrance, which immediately plunges us into the sculptural room, Dishes Dune,
We were offshore, breakin dishes, the sail took on water, installation of three large drawings partially visible, because they each extend over more than four meters long,
the first with a pen (plume), the two others with a brush, held in suspension by a mat of sagging rusty metal.
Inks on Hahnemüle paper.
After clearing your way you come to one or the other, two rooms.
On the left, the installation Émusion, composed of four large watercolors on curved paper, making the angles of the space disappear, representing water circuits,
landscapes ideal for birds, and in the center of the room, a small table, as well than a bowl of mayonnaise, which should be tasted to assess whether the mixture seems stable,
which would be surprising. Under bucolic, naive airs, something more acidic could well hatch.
On the right, there are several drawings, much more detailed, sharper, often crossed by a diagonal which splits the image, signifying the reflection, perhaps announcing deeper,
more murky waters, a door of paper placed against a wall, and a film, in which a medieval violinist lets himself be carried away by the creature.
There is therefore a haunting melody that accompanied this journey.

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