Nina Bernagozzi


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Consider the oyster

edition of 26 cards, 13 pairs, thirteen by the dozen, double-sided printed in risography (studio Fidèle).

front four colors, back two colors.

Based on  the set of inks - the shell ‘s verdict- and embossed case. Philosophical game.

One day Pandora lifted the lid of the jar from which escaped the diseases, loneliness, injustice, cruelty and death.
This is how all evils spread over the Earth. If you’re not asleep yet, I would tell you that in my opinion they already existed.
There were the woes of Prometheus and Zeus, and those of Pandora, not to mention simple people like you and me.
The evils did not come from Pandora’s jar, at the opposite, we invented the jar because of evils. And that is also why we open it.

Amos Oz, A story of Love and Darkness.

© Nina Bernagozzi-2019 / Cannot be used without permission.