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Fragments of a garden

Fragments of a garden
exhibition, led by the Pauline Perplexe collective, October 2021

Project closing a summer research cycle co-financed by the Drac around the garden,

central element of the Pauline Perplexe pavilion, Arcueil.

Fragments of a Garden takes the form of a dinner, announcing autumn, referring to Nagori, a Japanese term expressing regret, the reminiscence of what has just ended, literally meaning the backwash. The dishes in the exhibition were invented over the course of fermentations and harvests in the garden (rose wine, nettle pesto, various kimchis, etc.), the dishes were only enamelled with ashes from our collections ( oak, birch, pine, vine, fern). Each member of the Pauline Perplexe collective got their hands dirty and my role was to gather all these fruits to welcome the guests. I therefore, for the occasion, made tablecloth paintings, on silk, made from natural pigments, also harvested. These are not fixed (the fabrics not having been voluntarily mordanted, beforehand), so the paintings that I present were transformed during the event. Establishing then, a relationship of responsibility in front of these creatures, which show a face, receptive, open, aware of its vulnerability.
The motif that these paintings depict is the moth and more precisely the ocellus, this make-up regard, a mask that they wear, thus wearing the face of their predator.

The two paintings are called Lenarash, To Guess in Hebrew, because this verb takes its root from the word Narash, which is the serpent.
In every garden there is a snake.

In addition to the two paintings, I had the responsibility of preparing the main dish for this meal, I chose an old family recipe, a dish that we start the day before, during the afternoon and that we leave, in confidence, all night long, on the fire, without supervision. The dish was cooked in the very heart of the showroom, before setting it up, so the smell filled the space.
At home, we call this dish: Shkina.

To guess II, לנחש  / beets, blackberries, walnut husk, logwood, matcha, reanmania root juice on silk / 120 x 200 cm / 2021

Ceramics by Aëla Maï Cabel  and members of the Pauline Perplexe collective : Antoine Barberon, Willie Brisco, Christel Conchon, Florent Dégé, Adrien Genty, Romain Grateau, Sarah Holveck, Baptiste Perrin, Pauline Roches, Claire de Pimodan, Mathilde Rives et Sabrina Violet.

These were glazed only with ashes from their harvests: oak, birch, pine, vine, fern, mixed.

The tablecloth paintings are part of the set, To guess - לנחש / beetroot, blackberries, nut husk, logwood, matcha, reanmania root juice.


Main course

Srena - beef, chickpeas, potatoes, eggs, wheat, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, garlic,

Twenty-four hour cooking.


rose wine

Ginger infused gin

His accompaniments


Baechu kimchi - Chinese cabbage, carrots, white radish, chives, Korean pear, garlic, ginger, chilli, salt, anchovy sauce

purple cauliflower kimchi

chilli Jerusalem artichoke brine

kabis - turnip brine, beetroot, salt

Beet cream

Fennel gratin and its cream infused with fig leaves

Nettle pesto with walnuts

Hundred-year-old quail eggs


Long-cooked apples and honey

Milk cream, curdled, infused with fig leaves

To guess I ,  לנחש   / beets, blackberries, walnut husk, logwood, matcha, reanmania root juice on silk / 120 x 120 cm / 2021

To guess II, לנחש  / beets, blackberries, walnut husk, logwood, matcha, reanmania root juice on silk / 120 x 200 cm / 2021

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