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Exhibition at Izenah, Île aux moines (Breton Island) August  2017

“Between men, there is an Island, I want to go to this Island.”

 At the end of August, make a crossing.


Issue of the  series “la clairière” - “the clearing” /  I et II /
japonese ink on paper / 200cm x 185cm in two parts, each time.


issue of the clearing -n° III /chinese ink on paper /  100cm x 185 cm

Myosédopsie- Floater / roots juice and inks on paper / 100 cm x 165 cm

exhibition vue ” Ostrea/Ostreon”

storm I et II / chinese ink on paper / 100 cm x 155 cm, each one. 


issues of the serie “the clearing” - green I et II  / inks and tinctorials plants on paper / 200 cm x 175 cm in two parts each ones. 

studies for “le verdict de la coquille”- “The shell sentence” 

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